Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Terrible Result of Trump Attacks on Trade Agreements

The majority of Republicans are against free trade.

It does not appear they understand the difference between crony trade and free trade.



  1. It would not surprise me if people do not understand the difference, but the image says the question was about "free trade agreements," not "free trade."

    1. Correct.

      RW must be bored and is trolling.

    2. Are you guys serious? Do you really think the masses get the difference between free trade and "free trade agreements"?

    3. There are no free trade or free trade agreements, there is only crony trade. You cant have free trade in an Oligarchy and I would think you would admit this!

  2. A real free trade treaty would be about three sentences long.

    Here's a question: when you encounter a "businessman" in a social setting who carries himself like an entrepreneur and employs free market rhetoric but is in fact just a rent seeking crony capitalist who could't make a profit amid mere market forces, do you ask prying questions and expose him as the well-dressed welfare queen he is? Try it sometime and make sure there is an audience.

    "The masses" don't have any opinion on free trade. They have an opinion about their paychecks. That's it. They don't care about moral or philosophical consistency. The people who support what is commonly called "free trade" are the ones for whom it's more or less worked out for. Vice versa for those who oppose it. It's like asking buggy whip makers what they think about cars.