Saturday, September 17, 2016

Children Dying of Hunger in Socialist Venezuela

When socialism meets hyper-inflation and price controls.

Food shortages in Venezuela, South America, has caused a dramatic increase in child malnutrition, reports The Daily Mail.

According to Dr Ingrid Soto, chief of nutrition at children hospital J. M. de los RĂ­os, so far this year 65 kids have been admitted for malnutrition. And across the socialist country seven children under the age of 14 have died from simply not having enough to eat.

Maria del Carmen Chourio, 5, (pictured) weighed just 11 pounds when she was admitted to hospital


  1. Tragic. Yet, somehow, I think that Venezuela is being punished by the empire for (in a wildly misguided and self-destructive way, economically) asserting its sovereignty. I imagine that if the regime would "play ball" with the globalist oligarchs, particularly the energy branch, the US Fed would secretly be "taking care" of any problems with respect to this situation. I mean, look at Europe. They, for the most part and when it counts, play ball and their whole union, including the worst of the worst socialist states like Greece and Portugal keep on keeping on albeit in a very sickly manner. Things might be bad in those places, but not starving children bad.

    1. Europe is the story of successful free markets after WW2. They grew very rich very fast trading with us. There is a lot more space between where they are now and starving children bad. Venezuela never grew rich with free markets and trade, the party grew rich on high price oil and got the people hooked on govt hand outs. They never had the rich nest egg to whittle away at, once the oil price tanked their system collapsed.

    2. When did Europe move away from free markets? The 60s, 70s, 80s? Still 30 years ago. Greece turned into a basket case probably before Venezuela. I've heard Venezuela had a decent economy, albeit sorta socialist, corrupt and stratified in that peculiar South American way throughout the end of the 20th century. No kids starving, though. Even their state oil company PVDSA, was pretty well run until Chavez purged its ranks in the late 2000s and forced it to hire his supporters, which drove production into a ditch.

      Europe lives on a mysterious diet of central bank bond purchases, etc. conducted by a Goldmanite who is tightly connected to the US Fed. They always seem to pull some rabbit out of the hat, whether concerning their banks or gov'ts. Didn't Ron Paul force some disclosure by the Fed of the trillions they used to backstop European banks in 08?

    3. European socialism is much more tame in some ways. For instance, when Bernie Sanders was making scathing remarks about capitalism and said he wanted to be socialist like Denmark, their prime minister publicly disagreed, saying that Denmark isn't socialist. In a lot of respects he's right. They are socialist by our standards but they still rely on markets and don't vilify capitalism like Venezuela. Venezuela is more purely socialist and anti-market. European flavor socialism may be losing slowly, but they full throttle kind like in Venezuel wipes out an economy much quicker.

  2. Communists have ruined country after country and always figure out some way to blame the massacre on someone besides themselves. Venezuela is experiencing a slow-moving Ukrainian Famine as the Chavista idiots deny there is even a problem and wait for all their opposition to starve. The "paradise of the worker" is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!