Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mexico Considering Ripping Up 1848 Agreement That Transferred Half Its Territory to US, If Trump Wins Election

Mexico is considering revoking a series of bilateral treaties — including the 1848 agreement that transferred half its territory to the US — if Donald Trump wins the presidency and rips up the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a bill to be presented to the Mexican congress, reports The Financial Times.

“This is the first step towards establishing a public policy about how Mexico should react in the face of a threat,” Armando RĂ­os Piter, a leftwing senator who introduced the bill, told the Times.

The bill would make it illegal for Mexico to use official cash to fund the building of a border wall. If Trump attempted to seize the $24bn in annual remittances from the US to Mexico to pay for it, the bill would also empower Mexico to retaliate in kind by impounding the same sum, probably through a tax on flows heading in the other direction, says the Times.

Furthermore, if Trump made good on threats to scrap the 1994 Nafta free-trade deal — credited with creating one in three jobs in Mexico — it would call for a review all 75 bilateral treaties between the two countries to establish if they were in the national interests.

That includes the 1848 Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement that ended the Mexican-American War and transferred a huge swath of Mexican territory to the US, including what is now California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.



  1. The wall idea is ridiculous, especially if true objective was to keep out illegal immigrants. As Fred Reed once suggested, you can fine every business for hiring illegals. Not libertarian or a great idea, but much cheaper and more effective than a wall...assuming the objective is to keep Mexicans out and not Americans in.

    1. Eother way you see it, the silly fight against undocumented workers leads to a police state just like the war on drugs (equally foolish) has increased the power of the state over the lives of millions.

    2. and yet nations all over the world use walls. Including Mexico and Israel.

    3. Re: Nate,

      --- and yet nations all over the world use walls. Including Mexico ---

      There's Google Maps. Show me where Mexico has 'walls' besides the ones between houses.

      People have repeated that ridiculous lie many times without realizing the border between Guatemala and Mexico and with Belize is hilly and wooded. Only snakes could build walls there without dying from yellow fever or malaria.

  2. I love it how a bill introduced by a legislator in the Mexican congress is construed as "Mexico is..."

    Very collectivist.



  3. I've never been in love with the wall idea. Sounds like it could just as easily keep Americans from leaving. If that was the stated purpose, you'd probably see a lot of Democrats signing into it. But I will put money on there being no wall. Now a hiatus on immigration I could definitely get behind

  4. Finish the wall. Treat all illegal immigrants from Mexico the same way Mexico treats their illegal immigrants. Shoot the trespassers and protect the ranchers from the lawsuits and prosecution.

    Businesses are not agents of the government. We want business to do the government's work? Compensate the businesses for their time. This is why we must enforce and protect the border as much as is possible, so that we can our freedom here at home. Want to leave? No restrictions. Want to come in? A citizen of these uSA, no restrictions. Others? At our discretion.

  5. No need for the Mexican gunvernment to revoke the 1848 Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement. Culturally much of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada are returning to Mexico.

  6. "NAFTA" credited with creating one in three jobs in Mexico ... reliance on $24bln in remittances ... is Mexico a leech on America's foot?