Thursday, September 22, 2016

Near Total Power Outage in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has gone dark.

A power outage on the island has left nearly 1.5 million people without power, according to a statement from the government-run electric company AEE.

The blackout is affecting most of the country, causing traffic jams and forcing business closures.

At the moment, the government does not believe that the outage was the result of any kind of sabotage to the electric power company, but that will need to be investigated, said a spokesman for the power company

(via CNN)


  1. How Randian. Didn't you post a Simon Black article recently extolling the tax benefits of PR for HNW individuals that move there? They better make sure the PR manse has a whole house generator and a few thousand gallons of diesel on site with some loyal and well paid paramilitary types to guard it and everything else 24/7. The situation there might make for an interesting real world test of some well worn AnCap bromides.

  2. Been trying to contact my Grandmother and my Aunt throughout the day since I got word of this no word. I hope they're ok