Friday, September 23, 2016

Obama Has Vetoed Bill That Would Allow Family Members of 9/11 Victims to Sue Saudi Arabia

Friday afternoon antics.

President Barack Obama has just vetoed a bill that would allow family members of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. The White House claimed it could expose US diplomats and servicemen to litigation in other countries.

Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress say they hope to override Obama's veto next week.



  1. Congress knew beforehand that Obama would veto it. It's all just more of the same disingenuous posturing; a distraction to confuse the masses and take any attention away from the real perpetrators.

  2. bush clintons oboma all work for the saudis

  3. bush clintons oboma all work for the saudi's

  4. Obama is correct. Once families sue Saudi Arabia whole can of worms can be opened with regards to what fedgov has been doing overseas for decades. Things the american people aren't supposed to know about or at the very least dismiss as conspiracy theories could suddenly be accepted as facts in a court of law.