Monday, September 12, 2016

Rogoff's Book on Banning Cash is Worse Than You Thought

Harvard professor Ken Rogoff's new book,  The Curse of Cash, is much more than a lunatic advocacy of a theoretical banning of cash. 

He is in the trenches trying to get it done in the near future and his information in the book on stop gap measures on how the government will soon be able to track all currency, even without magnetic strips, is also alarming.

I review this very scary book  here.


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  1. I just would like to know how special ops and intel agents are going to walk into third world war zones and buy short term loyalty without cash? The govt is all too involved in the black markets of the world do we honestly think they are going to give that up? A cashless society is a pipe dream they will never get the full support needed to achieve it.