Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thomson Reuters Prediction for the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2016 award winner(s), if any, will be announced on Monday, October 10 at 11:45 a.m. CET.

The news organization Thomson Reuters, which has never correctly predicted the winners, has stepped to the plate once again to predict the winners:
Olivier J. Blanchard
C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C. USA and Robert M. Solow Professor of Economics Emeritus, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA USA

For contributions to macroeconomics, including determinants of economic fluctuations and employment

Edward P. Lazear
Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, and Jack Steele Parker Professor of Human Resources, Management and Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford, CA USA

 For his development of the distinctive field of personnel economics

Marc J. Melitz
David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, Department of Economics, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA USA

 For pioneering descriptions of firm heterogeneity and international trade

I would like to see the award given to Professor Israel Kirzner for his work in competition and entrepreneurship.


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