Tuesday, September 13, 2016

U.S. Household Incomes Surged 5.2%

Incomes in the U.S. showed a spectacular surge in 2015, according to the Census Bureau.

The median annual household income—the level at which half are above and half are below—rose 5.2% from a year earlier, or $2,800, after adjusting for inflation, to $56,500.

The gains were spread broadly, with nearly all age groups, household types, regions and racial or ethnic groups seeing increases.

The annual gain is the largest such increase since the Census Bureau began releasing such data in 1967.

This is not what a recession looks like.



  1. Great news to have a respite in the long decline. Prediction on August retail sales Thursday? I'll take the under. I'll be the first one to applaud when you acknowledge the recession that began this year. Nothing has been fixed from 2008.

  2. This is what inflation looks like

  3. RW, is it possible to be in the Boom of the ABC and still experience otherwise dismal economic conditions?

  4. IF you believe it. I've heard that it's an election year.