Sunday, September 18, 2016

Venezuela's Resort Hotel: No Toilet Paper, No Water in Lobby Bathrooms

When socialism, hyperinflation and price controls meet.

Top officials flying in from around the world this week for the summit of the Cold War-era Non-Aligned Movement will see infrastructure from Margarita Island's glory days, including large waterfront hotels and three sprawling shopping centers featuring high-end stores, though they are now mostly empty, reports AP

From the outside, the site that will host the summit, the Hotel Venetur Margarita, still looks like it could be a five-star hotel in Miami or Aruba. It was once managed by Hilton International, and in 2009 housed the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, continues AP..

Former President Hugo Chavez later expropriated the hotel. Last month, water cuts put the lobby bathrooms out of service. Workers placed jugs of water in the bathroom for guests to wash their hands.

Hotel manager Luis Munoz says he counts himself lucky to see running water every two weeks.

The few guests who still book his rooms must pack in their own soap, towels and even toilet paper. He manages to keep his hotel's murky pool filled from a well. But food shortages have forced him to suspend meal service.



  1. I love it how the title of the AP piece suggests that what Venezuela is going through is an "economic crisis", which is the same as saying the burning church is suffering of a heat crisis.

  2. Where in the article does it say anything about it being an economic crisis? All that it says is that there are no longer things available in the hotel that used to be standard fare there. But even though it doesn't say so, it IS an economic crisis! The crisis stems from the fact that you cannot spend other people's money forever. That is a false economy, one based in lies and thefts. You need to study up on economics and economies and figure out what is really going on down there before you spout off about things of which you know very little.
    Socialism is a mental disorder, plain and simple. No man or woman who is sane would ever promote such an idea. When you insert a mental disorder into a political system, this is what you get.