Sunday, October 23, 2016

Brad DeLong Ends Up in the Podesta Emails Dump

Emails from Berkeley economist Brad Delong have turned up in the Wikileaks Podesta emails dump. He using his connections to be a good father.
 Date: 2015-09-06 17:05 Subject: 
 Re: this is to present Michael DeLong Dear John-- 
This is to present my 25-year-old son Michael DeLong. After graduating from Reed College, working for Ceasefire Oregon for two years, and running the successful campaign of Lianne Thompson for the Clatsop County Commission, he has decided that it is time to move to Washington. He has just landed in DC and is looking for a public service/NGO job--ideally in public safety and gun violence prevention. I would greatly appreciate it if you would talk to him, and point him in productive directions... Michael DeLong: 925 708 1135. Yours,
Brad DeLong  —
 Date: 2015-07-31 15:42
Subject: So my 25-year-old Michael DeLong has applied for a Firearms Safety Policy job at CAP...
 Dear Neera (and John)—  
So my 25-year-old Michael DeLong has applied for a Firearms Safety Policy job at CAP…  I think he is a very, very strong candidate on the merits, given what he has been doing in Portland at Ceasefire Oregon in the three years since he graduated from Reed College, and how effective he has been there. But I find myself somewhat anxious the somebody already in Washington and with better connections might crowd him out…
 May I beg you to reassure me?  
Brad DeLong 


  1. My son is "one of us". I'm not sure he's capable of standing on his own merits, so I'm writing this email.

    Please hire him. Pretty please.

  2. DeLong is a class act, always fairly and directly engaging the Austrian concept of distorted prices.

    Attempts to make sense out of right wing Austrian economics can never amount to anything.

    Nevertheless, like a moth to a flame--or like a dog to vomit, or like a dog to something worse--whenever I see something like:

    Ludwig von Mises: Attempts to carry out economic reforms from the monetary side can never amount to anything but an artificial stimulation of economic activity by an expansion of the circulation, and this, as must constantly be emphasized, must necessarily lead to crisis and depression. Recurring economic crises are nothing but the consequence of attempts, despite all the teachings of experience and all the warnings of the economists, to stimulate economic activity by means of additional credit...