Thursday, October 6, 2016

British Prime Minister Says Brexit Vote Was a 'Cry for a New Start' for More Government Interventionism

Here's how the establishment has apparently decided to spin the Brexit vote calling for the exit of Great Britain from the European Union: It isn't about a desire for less authoritarianism but a desire for a more "inclusive" central power.

Of course, those blamed for blocking a more "inclusive" society will be the capitalists.

British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced a rootless “international elite,” and vowed to make capitalism operate more fairly for workers, as she promised profound change to reunite Britain after June’s vote to leave the EU, reports The Finacial Times.

Though, she won't really go after the elite but use the cover of making everything more "fair" to intervene in society more aggressively to advance the desires of the elite

In a speech to the Conservative party conference, May told activists that the Conservatives would respond to the Brexit vote by putting “the power of government squarely at the service of ordinary working-class people”, adding: “It’s time to remember the good that government can do.”

She indicated that she was going to be interventionist of many fronts.

She criticized uncaring bosses, tax-avoiding international companies, internet companies that refused to co-operate in the fight against terrorism and directors who took out “massive dividends while knowing the company pension is about to go bust”. She said: “I’m putting you on warning: this can’t go on any more.”

The prime minister also repeated her plans to shake up corporate governance in UK boardrooms by putting worker and consumer representatives on boards, introducing annual binding pay votes and making companies publish pay ratios.

George Freeman, head of her policy board in Downing Street, warned of “anti-capitalist riots” if the government did not urgently reform the economic system — including deploying a more muscular state.

In other words, quite remarkably, May is going to use the anti-authoritarian sentiment that was clearly a key element in the Brexit vote as an excuse to more aggressively use the authoritarian hammer in the United Kingdom.



  1. My God this is as sad and evil as it is predictable

    1. Very true, force is the only tool politicians have and if they don't use it they become completely irrelevant. This action reveals once again they are not part of the solution to human liberty and well being but part of the problem.

  2. The gold-laying goose being served up for the last supper.

  3. I'm not surprised by this at all. bremainers wanted to stay in the EU cos they hate the British Government and want to it to to do stuff for them while the brexiters also hate the British government and want it to to do stuff for them. so the Govt does what it needs to do to survive.