Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton Operatives Holding Secretive Meetings to Plan the Next Recession

It's no secret that Heather Boushey will be a major player in a Clinton administration if Hillary is elected president. She has already been named by Hillary the chief economist of Hillary's transition team. Tyler Cowen has already done a profile on her, see: Hillary Clinton's Top Economist is an Interventionist on Steroids.

But what was not known about Boushey until the Wikileaks Podesta emails dump is that she also has formed a secretive “Policy Advisory Group.”

Via Wikileaks, a memo, dated January 14, 2016, has been leaked that shows what this group is all about:
[A] standing, but informal, group to engage with and advise us on the policy and political conversations happening at the highest levels in Washington...It will consist of a small group (3-4 people) of permanent members and several others who are rotated in and out of participation depending on the subject of each particular meeting... 
Equitable Growth [where Boushey is president] plans to host two meetings in 2016, and in 2017 will begin quarterly meetings of the group. The meetings will be held in Washington, DC, and Equitable Growth will provide dinner, and, when necessary, travel and accommodations for members and/or the expert academic.
The memo lists 8 potential topics, including the taxation of capital and another on inequality. What I found most interesting was the topic identified as: The Next Recession.

There is no further guidance in the memo as to what is to be discussed with regard to the "next recession." So we don't know if this about forecasting the timing of one, whether Boushey expects one in the first four years of a Clinton administration or if this is a more detailed discussion of how to react or use a recession as an opportunity to intervene even more aggressively in the economy.

But be aware, while we continue to emerge from the last recession, Clinton operatives are already plotting out the next recession.



  1. Republicans rub their hands together for 2020

  2. @Heath, the Stupid Party (aka the GOP) no longer have any core values except holding onto the 4 P's: power, perks, privileges and pensions. If the GOP leadership can see them retaining those in 2020, even as the minority, they will indeed be rubbing their hands together.