Saturday, October 15, 2016

Columnist Tips Off Clinton Campaign That He is Going to Call For Increased Social Security Benefits and Financial Tax

Brent Budowsky, a columnist for The Hill, in May of last year, tipped off John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign, that he was going to call for "an increase in social security benefits for recipients below a certain net worth threshold, and finance it by a combination of a small tax on Wall Street trades, and if necessary a graduated increase in the social security tax for those earning above a certain income."

"Sometime soon I will write a column suggesting this and wanted to give you a heads-up and suggest HRC advocate this," he continued in an email.

Remarkably, Budowsky claimed that the George Soros-sponsored financial transactions tax "would raise substantial revenue without imposing material hardship on traders."

Budowsky obviously has no idea of the tight margins that market makers work with.


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  1. I wonder if BB takes any deductions or conversely sends more taxes to the government than he owes? I wonder what side he is on personally. Just things I think about.