Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Emails Reveal Hillary's Top Confidant Bashing Obama's Economic Policies

The Washington Beacon reports:
Hillary Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal bashed President Obama’s economic recovery, calling it a failure, and criticized policies such as the stimulus and Obamacare, according to leaked emails.

“The economy story has three acts: Bush’s recession, followed by Obama’s attempted recovery, followed by Obama’s failed recovery,” wrote Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton in September of 2010. “Blaming Bush has a fading political half-life. In September, we’ve concluded ‘Recovery Summer,’ which curdled into Slowdown Summer.”

“Obama put his brand on “Recovery Summer” and now he owns Slowdown Summer—that’s his brand for the midterms,” he said. “The slowdown is on Obama’s watch; it’s charged to his credit card.”

Blumenthal then went on to criticize some of President Obama’s signature economic policies.

“Obama’s most devoted pundit apologists echo talking points that he’s achieved health care, the stimulus and financial reform,” Blumenthal said. “Unfortunately, the stimulus was inadequate, financial reform is perceived as abstract, and health care has not gained broad public acceptance with its main benefits yet to be delivered. We are now at the place in the story that is about a false dawn and a false messiah.”


  1. Everyone knows Hillary and Obama don't get along. Blumenthal is likely just playing on that, trying to "stay on the team". If you keep the "stay on the team" (and back-stabbing) theme in mind, it really gives you perspective on many of these emails. Clinton plays along cuz he is a member of her most powerful ally, the media. WIthout the media, Clinton would be losing so bad, the DNC would be looking for a stand-in. Or Sanders would have trounced her in the primary.

    Hard to believe Trump is still in this. Trump vs Hillary, the media, the DNC, Hollywood, 90% of college professors, half the Republican pundits, 75% of the brain-washed millennials.

    I look at it this way: Clinton is very smart and an extremely savvy politician. This makes her "effective" which can only lead to bad things. Trump is going to be fighting the establishment and has little political experience. That sounds good to me.

    RW, you've gone off about his trade policy. Do you really think there will be much difference between the two? Except what I've mentioned: Trump will be ineffective.

    Thanks go to wikileaks: they have helped to confirm everything I've believed about politics.

  2. If that is truly how Clinton thinks about Obama's economic policies (if you can call them that) then that is very promising.