Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paul Krugman Caught Spreading Clinton Campaign Propoganda

Glenn Greenwald is out with a very important piece concerning the propaganda spreading methods of the Clinton team.

In the piece, he warns that we will get more of the same during a Clinton presidency.

Not, surprisingly to anyone with his eyes open, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was among those recently tweeting out the propaganda.

Greenwald's very important piece is here.


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  1. Something he doesn't mention, but also adds to his narrative (which is spot on): These people have so much vested in having built up Clinton that even if she commits egregious policy errors or uses her power unethically, they will not be able to admit to themselves that they made a mistake. They will have to cover for her errors for the sake of their own egos. It's not just groupthink, it's a psychological shield that they've built.

    This has already happened with Obamacare. The media spent so much energy supporting this policy through the legislative process and after the law passed that it cannot tell the truth about the predictable - and predicted - path of collapse that Obamacare is currently on.

    When Clinton beats the war drums and aims at Russia, who is going to challenge the narrative? She's not going to need another 9/11 to go to war. Even if they know something doesn't add up they must defer to her or risk destroying their own weak, fragile psyches.