Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thank You Janet Yellen: Airfares Will Be Sky High This Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons

KTVU San Francisco reports:
 If you're thinking about a Thanksgiving or Christmas flight for fun or a family visit, fasten your pocketbook. This year, there's a very real spike in fares, Christmas or Thanksgiving that could leave you cold turkey.

Carol Feiner, owner of the Airport Travel Agency at SFO reviewed the fares.

"I checked and the fares are pretty high this year.  I was a little surprised myself. For example, well Thanksgiving is the worst because there are so few travel days that people want to use.  New York, for example: $1,000 for a round trip.  Now, the published fare is $400.  What you're gonna find is probably closer to $1,100," says Feiner.

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  1. This is airline marketing 201. The fares are high as usual for those travel dates, but like the lines for the rides at Disneyland, if you tell the customers to expect a 1 hr+ wait but deliver a 30 minute wait time instead, you've made a cystomer happy... magically. Equally, travels will pay between $500-700 and feel good about it. I am paying $350 rt per passenger to fly from the west coast to the Midwest this holiday season.