Friday, October 21, 2016

Trump Advisers Call For Deep Space Travel to the Planets and Stars in a Trump Administration...

...with your tax dollars, of course.

Robert Walker,s former chairman of the U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee and former chairman of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry and Peter Navarro is a business professor at the University of California-Irvine, and both senior policy advisers to the Trump campaign, write in
NASA’s core missions must be exploration and science – and inspirational! These are the fundamental underpinnings of a Trump civilian space program.

NASA should be focused primarily on deep space activities rather than Earth-centric work that is better handled by other agencies. Human exploration of our entire solar system by the end of this century should be NASA’s focus and goal. Developing the technologies to meet that goal would severely challenge our present knowledge base, but that should be a reason for exploration and science....

Creating the technologies necessary to meet these goals would push us into the forefront of technological development and benefit our economy for decades to come. However, NASA cannot be expected to do this kind of 21st century Apollo-like mission if it is forced to accept outdated operational structures, contracting procedures, and bureaucracies created in the last century...

Americans seem to know intuitively that the destiny of a free people lies in the stars. Donald Trump fully agrees.
Navarro, btw, is anti-free trade with other humans.



  1. Of all the things our government waste tax dollars on, manned space exploration is one I could get behind. But I'm afraid it is a pipe dream. Within the next couple of decades, entitlemements (SS, Medicare, Medicaide, etc), debt servicing and federal pensions are going to eat up virtually all of the federal budget leaving little money for anything else. No, if there is to be manned space exploration it will have to come from private sources or other countries.

  2. M-A-R-S, Mars Bitches! Red Rocks!

  3. "NASA’s core missions must be exploration and science – and inspirational!" Inspirational? You know what would be inspiring? Not stealing (taxing) so those that would like to fund "deep space activities" may do so voluntarily.

    "Americans seem to know intuitively that the destiny of a free people lies in the stars." That sounds nice but if it is true this is due more to science fiction than science. Especially when considering manned missions and colonization as "21st century Apollo-like mission" seems to connote.

    While first inhabitants do seem to have more freedom, we are Earthlings, not Martians or even inhabitants of Earths Moon. The technology and cost to keep humans alive outside the Earths atmosphere is extraordinary. Unmanned exploration in space is costly enough to question its merits. Sure we would like to have a better understanding of what is out there but how much of your income and or time is it worth to you?