Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tyler Cowen vs. Alex Tabarrok: Will Machines Take Our Jobs?

Tyler Cowen is just terrible in the below video.

He can't possibly understand the fundamentals of capital and its role in producing more and more products for us to consume. Robots are capital, they produce products---for humans, not other robots.

The more products in an economy the better. Cowen doesn't seem to understand this on a very basic level.

Alex Tabarrok does a serviceable job of countering Cowen but Cowen should have been smashed on this one.



  1. If it wasn't for those damn machines I'd have a job mining coal with a pickaxe 15 hours a day.

  2. Ok, I refuse to listen to Cowen, but seriously? He thinks robots are a threat to us? That we will compete against them in the job market? Isn't it great when someone you know you don't respect for some reason then gives you a good reason?