Thursday, October 27, 2016

Virtual Reality is the Future of Video Conferencing?

(via Stephane Kasriel)


  1. The pitiful gestures to the stage right is a perfect example of modern technological hubris! Poor woman doesn't even know how stupid she looks up there!

  2. It's the "future of work"? Yes, I'll grant that, but it is still pretty much still in the future. Have you tried to hold a decent Skype video conversation with home internet service lately? Yes, it can be done, in some markets, somewhat reliably, and no doubt, bandwidth will only become better. It will happen, just not yet.

    In the here and now, we're not thinking big enough. Very few people are talking about the fact that this is a substitute reality, "mediated" by a technology. A question: who controls the technology and how are they held accountable for its fidelity?

    Bigger still, virtual reality will allow human beings to have "social transactions," which, even if consensual, can be divorced from the natural consequences that would attend if those "transactions" occurred in the real world. Has anyone considered the psychological/spiritual consequences of severing that link?

  3. I think in the future VR will play a role. I think it will be a fantastic teaching tool. It should also cut down on bandwidth requirements as you only have to transmit position data and audio data not video. We will see there are many external forces at play as well. 20 trillion in debt and no fiscal responsibility is going to come home at some point.