Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Bunch of News Anchors Who Don't Know How to Pronounce Steven Mnuchin's Name

Learn the correct pronunciation, here.


  1. Give them a break. These are government school grads. They were too busy learning about self-esteem as opposed to learning the rudiments of the English language. They're confident incompetents.

  2. They got enough school programming to learn loyalty to each other and fit into cults like Goldman, Sachs. There like school children. When they get into government they go wild; insider trading is OK, Pay to Play is OK ....

    Bob Mnuchim's name is pronounced ma nooch' im.

    It seemed convenient before his selection as Secretary Treasurer to leave it unpronounceable by media shlls and therefore difficult to do a quick background check. Mnuchim is heir to his father Bob Mnuchim, John Paulson and Robert Rubin, all trained in trading securities at Goldman, Sachs that led to a legal leverage of 10X for trading to 100X and into infinity that has destroyed populations globally.

    Not everyone in Wall Street had to have worked at Goldman. There was a Goldman investment banking competitor called Solly, or Salomon Brothers. Prior to Wall Street investment banking changing from private partnerships to corporations, Goldman, Sachs trading department consisted of no more than 12 guys at a desk in 1 large room.

    You might just as well have directly permitted the dollar to leverage itself in private hands up to 100X which in fact what has been going on with interest rates charged to small businesses and individual consumers. Small businesses visible on street level in large cities have largely been pushed out of business.