Monday, November 14, 2016

BREAKING Russia’s Economic Minister in Custody

Alexey Ulyukayev 
Russian Economy Minister Alexey Ulyukayev was detained Tuesday on suspicion of taking a $2 million bribe in return for his ministry’s support for a major oil company deal, Russia’s Investigative Committee said. The minister is in custody and awaiting charges.

"The circumstances of the crime are connected with Alexey Ulyukayev, who occupies a public post in the Russian Federation, receiving $2 million on November 14 for the positive assessment provided by the Economic Development Ministry that allowed Rosneft to complete the deal on purchasing the government's 50 percent stake in Bashneft," Svetlana Petrenko, deputy head of the Investigative Committee, said in an official statement.

(via RT)


  1. Doesn't he know that he needs his wife to make speeches at Rosneft for the two million? Jeeez, when comes to corruption these Russians are such pikers!

    1. Maybe he needs to be "investigated" by James Comey.