Friday, November 18, 2016

Donald Trump is a 'Man of Action'

Bloomberg reports:
Vice President-elect Mike Pence told House Republicans in a closed-door meeting Thursday to be ready to move a lot of legislation next year.

“We’re going to move an agenda” focused on rebuilding the military and improving the economy, Pence told reporters after the meeting.

In his remarks to House Republicans, Pence talked about how he and the new administration wanted members to “buckle up,” and get ready for a speedy start on policy. He also solicited suggestions for candidates to fill administration posts.

“Donald Trump is a man of action and we’re counting on you,” Pence said, according to Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady. The Texas Republican said that Pence mentioned a tax overhaul and Obamacare, but didn’t get into specifics.
 A warning in 1944 about men of action by F.A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom , Chapter 10: Why the Worst Get on Top:
We must here return for a moment to the position which precedes suppression of democratic institutions and the creation of a totalitarian regime. In this stage is the general demand for quick and determined government action that is the dominating element in the situation, dissatisfaction with the slow and cumbersome course of democratic procedure which makes action for action's sake the goal. It is then the man or the party who seems strong and resolute enough "to get things done" who exercises the greatest appeal. "Strong" in this sense means not merely a numerical majority---it is in the effectiveness of parties with which people are dissatisfied. What they will see is somebody with such solid support as to inspire confidence that he can do whatever he wants.

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