Friday, November 11, 2016

Karl Marx Drama Series Coming


James Schamus’ Symbolic Exchange is joining forces with Germany’s X-Filme, France’s Haut et Court, and the U.K.’s Potboiler to produce an adaptation of Mary Gabriel’s book about Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and their families, “Love and Capital,” as a limited TV series, reports Variety.

The story centers on the real lives of Jenny and Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and the two sisters — Mary and Lizzie Burns — whom he loved and who loved him, and the Marx daughters — Jennychen, Laura, and Eleanor. They lived their lives at a “fever pitch, well-suited to the possibilities of the most dramatic television imaginable,” according to a statement.

“Illicit affairs, revolutionary plots, murder-suicide pacts, midnight escapes, aristocratic luxury and Dickensian poverty — the true story of the Marx dynasty outdoes even the most fanciful of today’s invented soap operas, all against the background of a world on fire and the formation of ideas that still transform today’s global society.”

“By allowing us to experience this extraordinary story through the eyes primarily of the women who lived it, Mary Gabriel allows us for the first time to feel the entire human drama that changed our world,” Schamus said.

Playwright and screenwriter Alice Birch, below,  will write the show.



  1. Prediction: Not only anti-capitalism but anti-male.

  2. Featuring the Marx sisters: Bitchy, Whiney, and Clingy.

  3. It will definitely deify him if the assassins creed video game is any indication. There was an entire karl marx quest line in the game where you helped him to promote his agenda and save him from harm in england during the industrial revolution period.

    The netflix series peaky blinders treats it a little better. Marx is kind of nutty annoyance to the main story plot. No one really cares what he has to say but one of the semi-main chars is a rabid devotee.

  4. I hear it is going to be filmed in Venezuela.

  5. They should read Gary North's great book on Marx. They won't of course. North covers the little known job offer from Bismarck to Marx to edit a state newspaper. No wonder Bakunin's taunt of the Karl Marx faction in the early Internationales as "bismarxists" stang.