Saturday, November 12, 2016

SUCKERS Another Flip Flop From Trump

In March, candidate Trump called for letting Americans import drugs to save money, and for changing the rules to let Medicare negotiate better deals. But the new transition website,, features a page on healthcare reform that makes no mention of prescription drugs, even though polling consistently shows this is Americans’ top healthcare worry.
This is what needs to be understood about Trump. He has no fear of big government--if he is running it. He is a mercantilist, a supply-sider, a Keynesian and an authoritarian, all mixed into one toxic brew.

It is impossible to know how the mix will come out until it is completed. But there is little, to nothing, positive in the ingredients.



  1. Only reason I voted for him was to avoid war with Russia over Syria. I set the bar extremely low. No nuclear war. If he breaks every promise except for that one, I'm OK with it. Not happy, of course, just OK.

  2. Suckers! We could have had nuclear war with russia over syrian airspace! How dare libertarians vote over such a petty issue!

  3. Short term thinking. You don't get it. You think we're like the left, who hailed Obama's victory, then walked away, expecting to kick back and bask in hipster delight while Obama carried out their program. We of the alt-right are playing a long game. We believe we who got him elected will be better at keeping him honest than the left was vis a vis Obama. We're certainly smarter and better organized than they are, with a realistic view of history and what's possible. I know what you think. I don't care.

    Before Trump, the Alt Right could be criticized for being a “head without a body”; it was engaged in meta-political and scientific discussion, but lacked a real connection with practical politics and the hopes and dreams of average Americans. In turn, Trump’s populism—with its half-baked policy ideas and sketchy vision of the future—could be criticized as a “body without a head.”

    Now we are the whole man. The Alt Right and Trumpian populism are now aligned much in the way the Left is aligned with Democratic politicians like Obama and Hillary. The American Right always lacked a true vanguard. In the form of “conservatives,” it had only a “rearguard” or "muffle” or “hall monitor.” We—and only we—can say the things Trump can’t say . . . can criticize him in the right way . . . and can envision a new world that he can’t quite grasp.

    1. Wasn't this said about Reagan too? Ron Paul was the first to endorse Reagan based on his campaign rhetoric. President Reagan was much worse than Candidate Reagan. However, conservatives & cuckservatives alike to this day give Reagan some kind of vaulted status.

      Trump is much better than Clinton, and deserves a fair shot however Candidate Trump is worse than Candidate Reagan. I doubt how much the alt-right can influence Trump going forward because all their leverage is gone. He doesn't need grassroots support now that the election is over.

  4. I think you are missing the reason that people voted for Trump. It was more existential than specific policy driven.

  5. Bob, you've read SJWs Always Lie. You should also read Cuckservative.

    The TL;DR of all my writing is this:

    This is a war. The election was a victory, a huge victory, even historic, but we know it's just a battle, not the war.

    The Cultural Marxists have been marching through the institutions for decades. We know that. We likewise have to embark on our own long march.

    Trump isn't even our first victory. GamerGate was. Rabid Puppies and its ongoing effort to destroy the Hugos (or make them great again), while still a work in progress, is arguably our second. That makes the election our third victory.

    Winning feels good. It's fun. Join us.

    This is how I see your position. Vote for Hillary to destroy the institutions so that Murray Rothbard can rise Phoenix-like from the ashes. You believe in unicorns. Yes Bob, you are that naively idealistic.


  6. dude, this is 'phone calls to the target were not immediately returned ' type journalism. Seriously? Sounds more like justifying prior positions, to be frank. He hasn't taken office yet. We know he's dangerous, and so is any political claim to power, but How about wait till after year 1 to pounce? By then you'll have some real ammo. That would do less to erode the credibility here.

  7. So far it seems we who understand that anti-war must precede anti-state to make any sense at all is the nearly unanimous majority. Thank you all.