Monday, November 14, 2016

The Whole Hog Question: McQuillan vs. Block on Public-Private Partnerships

Below Dr. Lawrence McQuillan responds to Dr. Walter Block's email, "Too Bad Lawrence J. McQuillan Doesn’t Go Whole Hog":
Walter Block completely mischaracterizes my commentary. In the last paragraph of my piece, I say infrastructure should be “auctioned off,” which means to sell (I also mention long-term leases for those jurisdictions not yet ready for this big a leap).

Block also accuses me of supporting “public-private partnerships.” Nowhere do I say that. PPPs are very different from what I propose.  PPPs typically involve public financing paired with private management.  Where did I support public financing?  In fact, I said that the private sector has, and can, finance these improvements themselves, and that public financing leads to boondoggles.  Block reads into the commentary what he wants in order to promote himself.

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  1. The "roadmaps" McQuillan recommends in Brazil and Spain sound like private-public partnerships to me.