Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Considering Crony Infrastructure Bank

This is absolutely horrific news.

Donald Trump transition official Steven Mnuchin (ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Soros), who is considered a candidate for Treasury Secretary, told reporters in New York that  the new administration was exploring the creation of an infrastructure bank.

Banksters have been promoting an infrastructure bank idea for a very long time. They tried to push it in the Obama administration but Obama didn't bite.

When it was under consideration back in 2011, I wrote:
Now a long-time D.C. insider has tipped me off as to how the banksters plan to squeeze the next phase of the budget deal for their own benefit. This insider writes to me:
What hat trick do the “banksters” try next? IMHO, they love to hide their best and biggest tricks in plain sight.
It’s the “national infrastructure bank.”
 Here's the bankster angle:

Did the now-expired “Build America Bonds” program generate a lot of fat fees for government bond firms? Yep.

Was “Build America Bond” program too short-lived and too small to generate Wall Street fees by the billions? Yep.

Will billions in fees be derived from trillions of projects (whose costs will be inflated by sweetheart union rules) largely benefit those making money off the financing of new infrastructure? Yep, that’s the big idea.

Will the average Joe be burdened with all sorts of fees for using roads, bridges, etc to pay those fat investment banking fees and for those feather-bedded PLAs? Yep.


  1. ─ This is absolutely horrific news ─

    Actually, it is terrific news, because it helps destroy the idea that El Trumpo was really about clearing the swamp when in fact he's the quintessential crony. It also tells you that the odious HillRod would have merely kept the Status Quo yet not be as destructive as El Trumpo, because she would not have the power that El Trumpo enjoys with a Republican House and Senate.

    You get what you paid for. I'm laughing inside. Oh, and outside, too.


  2. Because more government run banks are just what we need!!!!