Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Formally Offers Ben Carson HUD Secretary Job

President-elect Donald Trump has formally offered retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson the position of secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to The Associated Press.

Carson had previously said he was not interested in serving in Trump’s administration.

But his business manager Armstrong Williams says Carson has always maintained he’d be open to considering a senior role in the administration if Trump convinced him there was no one else for the job.

According to AP, Carson will consider the offer over Thanksgiving.

Carson is an interesting choice. He would probably surround himself with some advisers that have at least a half-way decent knowledge of how the economy works. But what should really be done with HUD other than to close it down?



Ben Carson has accepted the secretary of Housing and Urban Development position, according to The Wall Street Journal



  1. There wouldn't be housing in American without federal bureaucrats. Before HUD, Detroit was safe and clean. And After. Oh wait. I have things backwards!

    One block into Detroit from safe and clean Grosse Pointe Park:

    Two blocks into Detroit from safe and clean Grosse Pointe Park:

    Two blocks into Detroit from safe and clean Grosse Pointe Park (the red light):

    If people could just buy the land and set up private streets, sidewalks and schools, the problem would be solved. In reality, if that were to happen, there would be 2,000 screaming rioters tearing down the place egged on by local and national media screaming about the neighborhood privatization crisis. While 10 people and three toddlers were shot five blocks away.

  2. That department should be cut. Trump is a hypocrite, where are the cuts he promised? He's a big government simpleton.