Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump’s Choice for Treasury Secretary Could Be Former Goldman Sachs Partner

Kellyanne Conway, who managed Donald Trump's election campaign, said additional appointments could be announced this week, including Trump’s choice for Treasury Secretary.

According to Bloomberg, former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin, who was the campaign’s national finance chairman, has been recommended by Trump’s team to lead the Treasury Department.

He also briefly worked for Soros Fund Management

Mnuchin's father was also a Goldman Sachs partner.

We are talking serious bankster blood.



  1. If Trump starts talking about the need to move away from cash, we'll know we've been played big time.

  2. @Robert What,

    exactly my thoughts. I actually got a really bad feeling when Trump met with Obama and then said he was a really great guy and that he "...looked forward to meeting with him many many more times during the transition" before he takes office.

    and after all the bull obama said and treated him with this pay year. ....

  3. Steve Mnuchim's (pronounced ma nooch im) father is retired Goldman Sachs 30-year partner, Bob Mnuchim. Not only was his father a partner; Bob Mnuchim was trained in trading securities by legendary securities trader Gus Levy. Mnuchim in turn trained Robert Rubin. Steven Mnuchim is the third in a line of Wall Street traders, the same Goldman Sachs department, same skill set as John Paulson who raided the US Treasury affecting a financial coup of the US people while Secretary Treasurer with a get-out-of-jail-card for every money junky in the world touch by money with his magic wand.

    Ever wonder why there has been no jail time for any of these guys? That and laws passed under Bush legalizing market manipulation as well as lifting reporting requirements for any and all corporations who have done any business with the government.