Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump's Opening Act: A Trillion Dollars of Infrastructure Spending

The deficit is likely to soar all the way to Pluto under Donald Trump.

In his opening speech as president-elect of the United States, Trump again referenced his plan for spurring $1 trillion in infrastructure investments, notes Patrick Reis.

Trump has promised to “get a fund,” “make a phenomenal deal with the low interest rates” and “do infrastructure bonds for the country.”

He thinks he will "pay" for it because of the "increased activity" of this central planning activity.

Total Keynesian madness.

...not to mention his planned defense spending buildup.



  1. Huh? I thought this stuff had already been fixed with Barry's shovel ready projects?

  2. I guess you don't want to see America become great again.

  3. Spoon-ready projects! Yay!

    Everybody gets a job! It's Christmas every day!

  4. MMTers are excited:

    A. Probably the only immediate 'road block' in this infrastructure is Ryan and the Peterson morons.


    "We can work together to quickly pass a robust infrastructure jobs bill"

    B. Trump says: "you never have to default because you just print the money, I hate to tell you...."

  5. If you have 2 hours to waste (or not), here's a podcast interview of Randall Wray, a main princeling of MMT, explaining MMT. It is all based upon the obvious fact that the "invisible hand" and "the free market" failed in the Great Depression. Learn this stuff. The left has completely bought into this and I suspect Trump will too.

  6. I wish the invisible hand would slap some of these people up side the head.