Monday, November 21, 2016

Tsunami About to Hit Fukushima...

...following 7.3 earthquake.


  • USGA initially put the quake at a magnitude of 7.3, has since downgraded to 6.9
  • This compares with the devastating March 2011 quake which had a magnitude 9.1 (if you are unfamiliar with the Richter scale, it is a logarithmic scale, a M9 quake is 10 times larger than an M8 quake, for example)
  • The two nuclear power plants in operation in Japan have been shut down in response. Both are located in the southeast of the country, near this quake

The tsunami has reached Fukushima now
  • Observed height of 60cm
  • Evacuation advice still effect, get out now
  • Multiple tsunami expected to hit


  1. Probably of the most concern is the contained and uncontained radioactive materials still on sight from the 2011 disaster.

  2. Spelling error. It is USGS not USGA. Geology not golf :)

  3. The energy released by M9 is 31.6 times that of M8 -- per Wikipedia article on Richter Scale.