Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Why Do They Continue to Refer to Peter Thiel as a Libertarian?

This is all from one Washington Post story:
Thiel, a libertarian...
But then:
 Thiel has pushed for a government agenda that includes greater investments in science and technology. 
This is national industrial planning. How the hell is this libertarian?

Then there is this:
[P]eople close to Thiel said he had also told Trump’s team about the the challenges startups had in doing business with the federal government. 
Aren't libertarians about shrinking government to near zero, not providing opportunities for startups to do work for the government?

Then there is this anti-libertarian horror:
 Palantir, which Thiel co-founded, recently won a legal case against the Department of Defense, in which the company claimed that it was sidelined from competing for government contracts.
Thiel is not a libertarian, not even close.



  1. The media does it because they want to further muddy the waters of what libertarianism really is.

  2. If you say a lie enough times it becomes the truth.