Friday, December 16, 2016

AWESOME: Uber Stays Defiant

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Uber Technologies Inc. remained defiant on Friday in the face of pressure from California regulators and the mayor here to shut down a test of autonomous vehicles.

The ride-hailing service said it would continue operating its small fleet of self-driving cars in its hometown of San Francisco after letting people hail them this week. Since then, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee have declared the company is operating illegally without proper permits and should pull the vehicles or face a lawsuit.

In a conference call with media Friday, an Uber executive said the company wouldn’t apply for California’s autonomous-driving permit because its vehicles require a human in the driver seat to intervene when needed.
I am headed outside now to see if I can hail a driverless one.


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  1. The most important legal advice I ever received: "Ask for forgiveness NOT permission."