Saturday, December 3, 2016

Clueless Trump Tweet #739

What the hell is this from the reigning King of Mercantilism?

Is he really going to slap onerous tariffs on companies who move operations to Mexico?



  1. Not sure which is worse: the nationalism, the contempt for freedom of association, or the irony of the man who's catch phrase is "you're fired" calling other employers' firings "vicious."

  2. Makes me more glad that I wrote in Ron Paul when I voted. This guy (Trump) is completely unhinged.

  3. Rexnord is moving to Mexico? There goes the quality of their bearings. I can't keep up with all these movements and mergers. As someone who lives it every day, manufacturing quality is suffering big league from it.

    1. Seems there is a big business in counterfeit bearings too.

      On another note I wonder what Trump can do about jobs moving from Illinois to Indiana?