Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Insider Trading on Trump Tweet

The legalities of different kinds of insider trading are complex from a libertarian perspective.

However, when a public official's activity is involved and those around him, I have always considered it a prosecutable offense. Since Trump's tweet was concerning his view with regard to actions he might take once on the American throne, I consider this trading prosecutable.

The SEC should hunt down the culprit!


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  1. So don't hunt the politicians engaging in rent-seeking, hunt the share-owner who got wind of it and wants to cash out before he can be expropriated? And how many more bureaucrats are we to hire for this hunt and taxes to rise for said hiring? Also, when this hunt is over do you think the powers used, bureaucrats employed, institutions created, for the previous hunting will then be shut down, or more likely, increased?

    Wenzel eat breakfast every day, Niacin helps for clear-thinking.

    Fail again.

    advantage FanBoys.