Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Back Story On Trump's Tweet Attack on Boeing and the New Air Force One

Was it in retaliation for comments made by Boeing's CEO>

The Banana Republic beat goes on.

Why did Donald Trump send out this tweet?
ProPublica explains:
Trump's incorrect tweet slamming Boeing came minutes after critical story on Trump trade that quoted company CEO.

Talking Points Memo has the details:
 The article recounts a speech Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg gave before the Illinois Manufacturers' Association on Friday in which he was mildly critical of Trump's plans both for the Export-Import Bank and more protectionist trade policies.

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  1. yes because it's impossible to assume that a businessman with a history of running a lean company, owning aircraft and tough negotiating would dare to think he should just accept the price tag a vendor gives for a single plane.

    Wenzel the weasel might be served to read Art of the Deal instead of the Washington Post for understanding Trump.