Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Back Story On Trump's Tweet Attack on Boeing and the New Air Force One

Was it in retaliation for comments made by Boeing's CEO>

The Banana Republic beat goes on.

Why did Donald Trump send out this tweet?
ProPublica explains:
Trump's incorrect tweet slamming Boeing came minutes after critical story on Trump trade that quoted company CEO.

Talking Points Memo has the details:
 The article recounts a speech Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg gave before the Illinois Manufacturers' Association on Friday in which he was mildly critical of Trump's plans both for the Export-Import Bank and more protectionist trade policies.


  1. I think RW might be missing the greater observation on this one. Boeing and their large corporate america ilk have been practicing the American version (think high-style misdirection and much more subtlety) of banana republic politics for more than a century. They gladly lobby and influence the state with money and treasure, to protect and enrich themselves and win contracts.

    Trump is simply a more transparent counterparty to these deals, who recognizes how the State and corporations interact, and believes the "right" thing to do is cut better deals. He doesn't understand the current tilt of the game in favor of the corporate side.

    Boeing et al deserve this in some ways. None of this is good politics however, from the perspective of the NAP. But it does unmask what, in my view, is already in place. So I reject the usage of "banana-republic politics" insofar as that is viewed as a kind of change. We already have it, and have had it for a long time.

  2. yes because it's impossible to assume that a businessman with a history of running a lean company, owning aircraft and tough negotiating would dare to think he should just accept the price tag a vendor gives for a single plane.

    Wenzel the weasel might be served to read Art of the Deal instead of the Washington Post for understanding Trump.