Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump's Cabinet Picks, Part 2

Ebeling's analysis is awesome in this one.

Part 1 is here: Ebeling and Hornberger on Trump's Horrific Cabinet Picks



  1. Wenzel, give it a rest already. Most of us who voted for Trump are well aware of his limitations. He has some dark forces arrayed against him for no other reason than he won and may actually want to do something for Americans. Maybe has to appoint these people to make some friends down the line and know the system. We don't really know what the purpose of these appointments are at this time.

    I don't agree with all of Trump's alleged solutions, but it is nice for once to see a leader come forward and say something nice about Americans, including white people.

    As a native Texan, I do open he finds a way to kick the illegals out though I know you are culture blind and think any third world garbage walking across the border is great all of the time regardless of the consequences to this country.

    1. "Most of us who voted for Trump are well aware of his limitations."

      Most may be well aware but plenty are not. Ongoing criticism doesn't prevent Donald Trump from doing good every day of the week. Four years of criticism wouldn't stop him from doing a world of good.

    2. Uhh this is a blog about economics and liberty. If you want to read a bunch of butthurt crying from fellow rednecks about how brown people are messing up Murcia, go to stormfront.

  2. Hey, kick in a couple of bucks for FFF and Bumper!! He's earned it!