Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is the Obamacare Mandate Going to be Eliminated?

Martin Hill emails:
Bob, I've been following Rand's statements on "repealing and replacing obamacare."

But one fundamental point that no one answers: I would like to know whether or not Trump and these republicans who keep saying "replace" obamacare are going to keep health insurance compulsory in America? No one is being direct and honest about this. Do you know the answer?
 RW response:
I believe the mandate will be repealed which was really a tax on youth who didn't need the high premium insurance that was mandated. The revenue was used to fund the cost of the truly ill. 
However, Trump says he will insure everyone so it means he will have to increase a tax somewhere to replace the mandate revenue or balloon deficit spending. Sneaky stuff.

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  1. They will quietly seek keep it compulsory or ultimately come to the conclusion they have to IMO. The reason is that the mandate is dual use. Yes it collects wealth from the people who would otherwise not purchase medical insurance and tries to solve the pre-existing condition problem but there's more. Medical insurance without corporate employment has been made very expensive. This becomes a great tool for keeping people as employees of established companies rather than going out on their own or working for upstart competition that may not be able to offer medical insurance. The additional costs and risks of purchasing medical insurance can make the difference for someone starting a company. The funds he has available won't last as long and the risks increase with higher costs.