Friday, January 13, 2017

John Carney Moves to Breitbart

Breitbart News has hired Wall Street Journal financial journalist John Carney to lead a new finance and economics section set to launch soon after the Jan. 20th presidential inauguration.

This is a big pickup for Breitbart.

In his new role, Carney will manage a roster of news contributors that includes Larry Kudlow.

While Carney describes the site’s new contributors as having a variety of ideological backgrounds, he says all have become “converts to the cause of economic nationalism and populism.”


Well, at least John throws a very decent party every time he makes a career move. Can't wait.



  1. Economic nationalism and populism... Herbert Hoover would be proud.

  2. John Carney in the MMT lions' den:

    "Furthermore, I do think there's a problem with MMT that cannot be confined to confusion.

    The problem is as follows: MMTer are so focused on sectoral balances and the interaction between the private domestic sector and the public sector that they often downplay the intra-sector dynamics.

    Finally, MMTers do not seem to fully appreciate the problems of ignorance and calculation that inform Austrian economics. They seem to recoil at even thinking about them because of the implications for the limits of political action. This also needs to be corrected."

    March 21, 2012 at 11:31 AM