Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Declaring Prompt Repeal of Obamacare to Be Official Policy

Good for Trump, it looks like he wants to blow the baby up:

But I fear, he doesn't want to blow it up and return to free market care but launch some damn thing that will be called Trumpcare.



  1. I fear the same thing; Obamacare resulted from the avoidance of the only thing that can work - single-payer. Any other avoidance such as a possible Trumpcare simply delays the inevitable and prolongs suffering. I still hold onto the hope that President Trump will promptly enact long overdue health system reform and a single-payer system. Then again, Trumpcare could be a euphemistic enactment of universal health care to make it more palatable to opposers.

    1. Ugh. Single payer is even worse. If by "it can work", you mean that the government has the capability to strong arm peaceful individuals to take as much of their money as they want, while at the same time limiting their care options and delaying necessary, life-changing procedures, while simultaneously nitpicking their everyday decisions to keep them in line with their "cost saving" ideas, then you are correct.

    2. As it stands, anyone, insured or not, is at risk of losing everything to the medical system. When one uses the system, he does not approve specific charges, but gives a blank slate to the provider with a legally binding signature accepting *full* financial responsibility. No insurance company provides freedom from medical costs to the insured, and can deny claims at will. I would prefer to pay for medical care via taxes, as a percentage has a specific dollar meaning. How well such a system could work in the USA depends upon other factors, such as health system reform. Also, the government already takes as much money as it wants via taxation, allowing write-off games for the alert and interested. Unfortunately, it is not providing me value for those tax dollars to the extent I would like.