Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump Team Considering Another Goldman Executive for Key Treasury Post

After tapping several Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni for senior economic posts, President-elect Donald Trump’s team is considering yet another for a key job at the Treasury Department.

Jim Donovan, a senior Goldman Sachs private banker, is under consideration to be the U.S. Treasury Department’s undersecretary for domestic finance, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s nominee for Treasury secretary is Steven Mnuchin, once ran Goldman’s mortgage-trading business.

According to WSJ, Donovan is a longtime GOP donor. One of his Goldman clients was financier Mitt Romney, and he strongly supported the former Massachusetts governor’s 2012 presidential campaign.

What we know about Donovan's family relationships, from an April 2006 Wall Street Journal report:
One night last December, John J. Donovan Sr., a wealthy technology consultant and entrepreneur, called 911. He said he had been shot four times in his car here by two men he believed to be Russians. Mr. Donovan, 62 years old, survived with minor injuries, thanks, he later said, to a belt buckle that miraculously deflected a bullet.

Mr. Donovan, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had amassed a fortune his lawyers say exceeded $100 million. He told police he suspected his son James, a top money-manager at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., of arranging the shooting, an accusation his son denies. 
Now, Massachusetts prosecutors are pursuing another angle: whether the shooting occurred at all or whether it happened as he said it did. After examining forensic evidence and financial records -- and interviewing Mr. Donovan, his two ex-wives, his five children and Goldman officials -- prosecutors are investigating whether Mr. Donovan staged a crime scene to discredit his son James, whom he believed had masterminded a campaign by his children to take over his money and property, according to people interviewed by prosecutors.


  1. Incredible. Are you sure we're not talking about Ray and Mickey Donovan here?

  2. The clown show continues...
    Including today's other story regarding NATO, do we conclude that Western leadership is:
    a) Evil
    b) Crazy
    c) Stupid
    d) All of the above