Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's Pick for OMB Wants Cuts in Social Security Benefits

Rep. Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s pick to run the Office of Management and Budget, said on Tuesday during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Budget Committee that he would advocate for reducing spending on Social Security---that is cut Social Security benefits.

“I have to imagine that the president knew what he was getting when he asked me to fill this role,” Mulvaney told the Committee.

He also said he was in open to raising Social Security taxes via raising the cap on Social Security payroll taxes, as well as being open to cutting benefits via raising the retirement age to extend the program’s solvency.

However, he said he was in favor of raising military spending. He said he backed Trump’s plans to boost military spending.

Mulvaney said that his previous pledge to not raise taxes applied to his service in Congress, not his future job at OMB.


(via WSJ)


  1. Mulvaney's willingness to change his position on tax hikes says much about the problem with democrats and republicans. Their political philosophies are based not on principles but, rather, on political expedience. I always had the impression that Bill Clinton would think nothing of declaring that 2+2 = 5 if he thought it would accomplish a political goal.

  2. I won't like everything Trump does, but too bad no one will take a hard look at the original purpose of SS. It was to provide a supplement, not be a piggy bank for every disability claimed or a fund to pay for an immigrants elderly parents. Cubans who never put into the system were collecting some pay out of SS. Stuff like this should stop now ideally.

  3. They already hiked the earnings threshold by $9k and are adding another $15k+ over the next few years.

    I'm still in my 20s. Please. Let me out of this disaster. I will take full responsibility for my own retirement.

  4. He wants "social security" payments to increase for the MIC, and cuts for the little people?

    (MIC = Military Industrial Contractors)