Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Tyler Cowen on Trump's Trade Advisers

He writes
Robert Lighthizer is expected to head USTR

and he quotes The Wall Street Journal:
Mr. Trump’s advisers have said his pick for Commerce secretary—billionaire investor Wilbur Ross—also could play a leading role on trade policy, as well as economist Peter Navarro, who will lead a new trade council at the Trump White House.
And then he adds:
 Here is Lighthizer’s 2008 NYT Op-Ed criticizing free trade.  None of this is good news.
I agree.


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  1. ─ Here is Lighthizer’s 2008 NYT Op-Ed criticizing free trade. None of this is good news. ─

    Trumpistas have been as a matter of habit denigrating those of us who favor free trade by calling us "Globalists", which is a way of insinuating that global trade is some sort of conspiracy to turn America into some sort of puppet state.

    About 3 or 4 years ago, I used to visit the Townhall dot com page quite a lot and made it a habit of mine to post comments on their comments board, until I was kicked out. The comments I read from supposed conservatives regarding trade and immigration were so furious, virulent and quite economically ignorant that I thought they were posted by leftist trolls posing as conservatives. It wasn't until the rise of El Trumpo and his Trumpista economics that I realized that those were not trolls - they really believed their own claptrap. This is why they so readily accepted the ridiculous notion that more than half of Mexican immigrants are rapists. Some of them even told me that they though they were all rapists and criminals - in Facebook, not in Townhall.