Saturday, January 14, 2017

Will This Be the Extent of Trump's Infrastructure Expansion?

The New York Times lefty Paul Krugman writes with derision:
 Trump has no policy shop, nor does he show any intention of creating one; he’s too busy tweeting about perceived insults from celebrities, and he’s creating a cabinet of people who know nothing about their responsibilities...
So investors betting on a big infrastructure push are almost surely deluding themselves. We may see some conspicuous privatizations, especially if they come with naming opportunities: maybe putting in new light fixtures will let him rename Hoover Dam as Trump Dam? But little or no real investment is coming.
As David Stockman has written (See: Donald Trump and The Perennial Myth Of Crumbling Infrastructure) there is no infrastructure crisis in the United States.

Let's hope that Krugman is correct and that Team Trump incompetence will lead to no infrastructure projects. However, I suspect the Goldman Sachs members of Team Trump will find a way to spend trillions. They are very competent in cronyism.


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