Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Trump Going to Order Dentists to Replace Female Hygienists With Male Hygienists?

Trump is pretty nuts but not this nuts.

Chris Rossini emails:
Yesterday, I had my 6 month cleaning at the dentist.

My hygienist knows that I work for Dr. Paul, so naturally we talked about the election

She explained how the lefties in her family are going bananas.

She said, 'My Mom called me up and said that because Trump won, I'm going to get fired. And the Dentist is going to hire a male hygienist instead.'

She wasn't kidding.

I had to tell her that she needn't worry.



  1. My neighbor (who is half black) posted on FB "I guess this means we are going to have separate drinking fountains again." After Trump won. Ummm kay.

  2. At least the hygienist's job won't be shipped to Mexico! Amirite?


  3. This is why democracy can't work. Why those who oppose the electoral college are idiots. Why we were better off when only landowners could vote. Frankly, I'd take an aristocracy over this madness.

    People..... are ..... morons.