Friday, February 3, 2017

POLITICO: Businesses Grow Concerned About Trump After Early Excitement

Politico writes:
Many businesses are quickly morphing from excited partners of a new White House to wary bystanders, trying to guard against damage from a new president.
The change of tune, just two weeks into the Trump administration, has a wide range of lobbyists, trade associations and CEOs on the defensive from early moves such as the executive order limiting immigration or a proposed border tax, according to interviews with more than a dozen business lobbyists and leaders, who mostly declined to be identified due to concerns about blowback. These early moves have worried and galvanized companies as diverse as Apple, Walmart, Amazon, Expedia, Uber, Target and LVMH...
The other major concern for businesses is the lack of insight into Trump’s policy agenda, which was not flushed out during the election. No one knows which of the regulations the Trump administration plans to roll back — though Trump himself promised to roll back 75 percent of them.
"My people meet with him, and they come away reassured,” said a top business official in New York. “And then he goes off and says something. It's the volatility that worries everyone.”
A lot of these complaints are from crony capitalists but there seems to be little question that the country is being run in Banana republic style.

I expect the bizarre to overwhelm the rational during the years of the Trump administration.


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