Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Theresa May Has Won a Historic House of Commons Mandate to Officially Start Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a historic House of Commons mandate to start Britain’s separation from the EU.

May is on course to start a two-year Brexit process next month after MPs voted by 498 to 114, for the bill that gives her the power to invoke the EU treaty’s Article 50 exit clause.

It is not clear why the Brexit process requires two years. May is no Ludwig Erhard.


(via The Finacial Times)


  1. PM May not want Brexit to take two years, but the EU bureaucracy will be a swamp through which to slog.

  2. Two years is the deadline set by EU treaty’s Article 50 exit clause.
    "3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period."