Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Trump might as well have paid Nordstrom’s advertising budget for 2017"

Jack Perry writes:
A few readers were curious why I wasn’t fair and called out Nordstrom for punishing the Trump name in the market by deep-sixing Ivanka’s stuff. Well, number one, it’s their business. They get to carry the products they want. What do people want,  a command economy where the central planning office gets to call up Nordstrom and order them to carry a product they deem not a good fit for their market base? But there’s a beauty of the market. Some pro-Trump company or chain of stores can pick up the Ivanka product line themselves. Put the money where the mouth is and let people vote with their wallets.

Number two, Trump walked right into the oldest marketing scam in the book. Get some hated individual to criticize your store and the people will flock in to support the store. Trump might as well have paid Nordstrom’s advertising budget for 2017 because this blip on the radar will be a massive squadron on search engines for months to come. That’s the gimmick. The store needs to stay in the top hits of search engines and Trump walked right into it, eyes wide open. Now the news is carrying what was a Page 26 article on Page 1. Putting it at the top of lists on searches. Learned that little trick doing creative content writing for certain companies. They don’t care WHAT is said so long as it keeps that NAME out there. But if Trump slams Nordstrom, they’ll garner sales from people who want to support them for that reason alone. But guess what? That’s also the free market.

Now we know the Ivanka line of products is available on the market. So, let’s see some good Trump supporter pick up that line and market it. Ought to fly off the shelves, right? If Nordstrom is to be blamed for getting rid of a good product with brisk sales, that ought to be easy enough to prove, right? Pick up that product line and prove it. Man, people ought to be lining up to carry the line if it’s so great!
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  1. Nordstrom, Pepsico, Kellogg, Starbucks have all chosen to pick an unnecessary fight with half their customers. Let's see how well that works out.