Monday, February 6, 2017

Walesa Says People Must Prepare for the EU Breaking Apart

Lech Walesa, the Gdansk shipyard electrician whose mass movement Solidarity helped tear down the Iron Curtain in 1989, said a win by Marine Le Pen in French presidential elections coupled with the loss of Chancellor Angela Merkel in the German parliamentary ballot this year would pull apart the European Union 60 years after the bloc’s inception, reports Bloomberg.

“If Le Pen wins and Merkel loses, then the EU will fall apart,” Walesa said in an interview in Bogota, Colombia, on Feb. 3. “We have to be ready for this.”


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  1. As an 80's teenager I remember being amazed at the success of Walesa's Solidarity movement in the face of the Communists. His courage was always on full display.

    In hindsight, people in the West should have more readily seen that the end was near for the Soviet Union and Soviet control of Eastern Europe.

    That being said, Walesa has a history of knowing when large centralized governing bodies are going to break apart and being ahead of everyone else in saying so.