Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Guide to Online Pricing for Entrepreneurs

Harrison Burge, research assistant for the EPJ Daily Alert, emails:

I just published an e-book on 

I wrote the book for online entrepreneurs who need help with their pricing.

But, I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to explain a bit more about the importance of prices and their central role in spontaneously organizing markets. 

Section I covers price development and determination using Crusoe economics, challenges the dated notions of the labor and cost theories of value, and discusses Austrian concepts such as the role of human action and subjective value. Section II builds on these concepts to discuss specific pricing strategies. 

Think of the book as a primer on Austrian economics masquerading as a book on pricing, targeting those who'd never pick up Economics in One Lesson, much less Man, Economy, & State.

I've referenced your works, the 2+2=4 lecture and an EPJ blog post. 

Looking forward to seeing the money supply numbers tomorrow.

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