Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Drudge Top Billing: Rand Paul Says Trumpcare is Going Down

This is the top billing at the Drudge Report right now:

In an exclusive interview with Matthew Boyle at Breitbart, Rand Paul said:
I think there’s easily 35 no votes right now so unless something happens in the next 24 hours, I would predict they pull the bill and start over. I think if conservatives stick together, they will have earned a seat at the table where real negotiation to make this bill an acceptable bill will happen. But it’s interesting what conservatives are doing to change the debate. We went from keeping the Obamacare taxes for a year—hundreds of billions of dollars—but they’re coming towards us because we’re standing firm. So we have to stick together, and if we do stick together there will be a real negotiation on this. The main goal I have is not to pass something that does not fix the situation. If a year from now, insurance rates and premiums are still going through the roof and it’s now a Republican plan it will be a disservice to the president and all of us if we pass something that doesn’t work.
Note: I'm not totally sold on Randcare, it's not the free market but it is better than OrangeHairCare.


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  1. I agree Rand's plan is not free market, but of all the plans on the table, his plan is better by a wide margin. It's probably the best plan that has a chance of passing (although it's unfortunate we can't just repeal lots of laws, regulations, and protectionist licensing beyond Obamacare). I've been extremely critical of Rand Paul and his presidential run, but since his loss, he appears to be partially back to a more Ron-Paul-like personna. Time will tell.